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1 doubt about the truth of something [syn: incredulity, skepticism, mental rejection]
2 a rejection of belief [syn: unbelief] [ant: belief]

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  1. Unpreparedness, unwillingness, or inability to believe that something is the case.
    She cried out in disbelief on hearing that terrorists had crashed an airplane into the World Trade Center in New York City.
  2. astonishment
    I stared in disbelief at the Grand Canyon.



Unpreparedness, unwillingness, or inability to believe that something is the case

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Disbelief (sometimes decapitalized to "disbelief") is a metal band from Hesse, Germany. Their music combines death metal with doom metal and post-hardcore.


The band was formed in 1990, but did not become one solid line-up for several years. They began with Karsten Jäger, Oliver Lenz, and drummer Markus Gnap, with guitarist/bassist Denis Musiol joining later. They released their first demo the following year. After two more demo tapes, five years, and the replacement of Gnap and Musiol with Tommy Fritsch, Jochen Trunk, and Kai Bergerin, they released their self-titled album in 1997. Their second album, Infected, was released in 1998. A year later, they replaced Fritsch with Jan-Dirk Löffler and received a new recording contract from Massacre Records. After a few more albums, they became signed to Nuclear Blast, which distributed their 2004 record Spreading the Rage to North America and helped them to gain a wider fanbase. After reinstating Fritsch into the band, they released 66Sick in 2005, also in the Americas. Lenz left the band in late 2006 and was replaced by Jonas Khalil; however, the band's seventh album, Navigator, was still released in late February of 2007.


The style of Disbelief can usually be generalized to death metal, although they have progressed from this style significantly. The label often designates them as "emotional deathcore", while others find the simple description "noise" or "extreme metal" fitting. The extremely brutal music is performed with a strong melancholy and depressive tone, giving way to comparisons to bands such as Neurosis.


Current Members

  • Karsten Jäger – vocals
  • Jochen Trunk – bass guitar
  • Kai Bergerin – drums
  • Jonas Khalil – guitar
  • Witali Weber – guitar

Previous Members

  • Markus Knap – drums
  • Denis Musiol – guitar/bass guitar
  • Jan-Dirk Löffler – guitar
  • Tommy Fritsch – guitar
  • Olly Lenz – guitar
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